Stop those rattly sash windows and keep in the heat

This cost effective process will definitely reduce that annoying rattling noise from your sash windows during the windy winter months. Not only that but it will help stop the heat loss in your property, which is certain to reduce your ever increasing energy bills.

Other benefits of sash window draught proofing includes:

  • Increased sound proofing – Less road noise from outside.
  • Reduced dust.
  • Smoother to open sash windows.
  • More comfortable living conditions.

Sash window draught proofing

Draught 1

Villa windows sash window draught proofing is done by machining a draught strip into the front, sides, top and meeting rail of each sash.

Whats included?

To draught proof your sash window we will do the following.

  • Remove the staff bead allowing bottom sash removal.
  • Remove parting bead for top sash removal.
  • Route top and bottom sash windows.
  • Add draught strip.
  • Refit sash windows and beads.
  • Lubricate friction points for smooth operation.